Why bicycle training wheels are ineffective

I would quite happily melt down every set of training wheels in the world training wheels inhibit children from learning how to ride bicycles. So if you ever watched a child riding a bike with training wheels you see that they’re always propped up on one of the training wheels. Basically they’re not learning how to balance the bike themselves.

If you put a child on a bike with training wheels they’re mostly learning to pedal, they’re not really embedding the balance.

Here at cycling Center at Sydney Park we use balance bikes instead, balance bikes are a two-wheeled bike we have no pedals so children have their feet on the ground. They can feel quite confident secure and learn how to glide around really being able to independently balance themselves.

It’s good so once he got the hang of being on a, at least sitting on something that’s on two wheels you start to get the hang of it and then you can continue on with pedals.

On the basis of what we know about the psychology of human learning it makes a lot of sense to build a bridge from skills that people already have to the skills that you want to teach them which I think is the case with balance bikes. Kids know how to walk and riding is completely foreign to them so if you can put them on a balance bike they are essentially using their legs in a way that’s more like walking and they can then gradually build up the balance before they have to get on a bike.

Feet up! Feet up and looking at me that’s it! Looking at me! Now come and turn let’s look this way. Awesome, let’s put some peddles on. Just keep looking at your mum and keep those legs moving.

So close mate. You just gotta get those legs moving. Okay, that’s we’re gonna try to get all the way down to the bottom without stopping okay? Let’s go nice and strong Toby! You just got all the way around all by yourself! I have a certificate for you that says that today you learned how to ride a bike all by yourself.

I guess when I first heard about it and thought about it I was very skeptical that Toby would be able to learn to ride in the time given that we’ve spent probably a good part of six months trying to get him to ride and just the you know leaps and bounds that he made in that session was nothing short of miraculous to be honest.

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